Can it be forced? Can you make someone love you?

Don’t we all do that? At least at the start of a relationship, put on the coat of the person we think the other wants us to be. But when does it end? When do you just be you and they be them and you love each other for the goods and the bads. When do you know it is okay to let go and just ride the ride? When do you know that you are safe and they love you?

I don’t know how to figure this out, no clue. I used to think I had it figured out, relationships all drive along a similar course but I have recently realized this is not the case. Some move snail pace, some move speed of light fast, I am closer to the snail and I don’t like it. I need to know where I stand, where we are going. I love but do you love me back? It’s been almost a year, do you know how to communicate.

Maybe one day I will figure this all out, which is why I am here. I need somewhere to talk to. Somewhere to write down the funny stories, the annoying habits, the questions I have about love, throw it out to the internet universe so I can stop annoying my friends with the same feelings all the time. We shall see how this goes I guess.